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Heat pump Air Conditioning

We are one of the authorized dealers of Temperzone, NZ’s largest and most reputable air conditioning manufacturer. We supply and install the full range of HITACHI wall split air conditioning for your home and office.

We provide customized plans based on your needs and requirements. Our commitment is to provide the best after-sales service and excellent great customer relationship, giving you 100% satisfaction and value for your money.

We have a highly trained professional installation team.
From creating a customized plan to providing after-sales service is carried out by the same team without any involvement of the third party. We take 100% responsibility for our service.
Experienced licensed electricians lead professional installation teams to provide excellent customer service.
COC certificate included with no charge.
One of the longest warranty periods in the whole New Zealand (6 years)

Heat pump Air Conditioning



  • Creating truly comfortable living spacesWe want to help you find the air conditioner that best suits your lifestyle. Our partnership with temperzone combines innovative global products with local knowledge and support to meet your needs faster, smarter and more responsibly than ever before.
  • Adding long term value to your day-to-day life. Our approach is to make things simple, intuitive and straightforward. By continually testing and refining our products we offer useful improvements that really matter - whether it be during installation, on-going servicing or in the daily operation of your system.

Why SunnyHomes

  • We make customized plans based on your needs and requirements
  • Our fully qualified installation team has more than 10 years’ experience
  • Our commitment to provide best service and excellent customer relationship
  • Supply via installation give you great value for money

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